New Member Testimonial: Michelle Shares Her Story

New Member Testimonial: Michelle Shares Her Story



Michelle is a new member of Breaking Chart Alerts. She had tried another trading service and was not happy. She has made more money in two weeks than she has in 2 months with this other service. Listen to her story!

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*Michelle is a new member of BCA and was NOT compensated for her testimonial*


Transcript of Michelle’s interview:

BCA Michelle Testimonial

[00:00:00] Phil: Hello everyone. This is Phil with breaking chart alerts, and we at breaking chart alerts love to hear the success stories of all of our members, whether it’s a trader account, all the way up to the elite pro trader account. We love to hear every aspect of your success stories, and actually I brought somebody here today to discuss, , being a new member and all of the things that she has learned with Breaking Chart Alerts.

[00:00:22] So I want to give a warm welcome to Michelle, Michelle, how are you?

[00:00:26] Michelle: I’m good, Phil, how are you?

[00:00:29] Phil: I am doing great. So I want to ask you, first of all, how did you even decide that you wanted to start options trading?

[00:00:38] Michelle: Oh, well, I’m new to options trading, uh, until maybe three months ago. I didn’t even. What a call or a foot was on an option.

[00:00:48] Uh, and I went to Sedona with a group of girlfriends and I was driving and one of the ladies started talking about she was trading options. And so for two hours we talked about options and she had somebody that she was following that, you know, was, um, a well-known. Person in the option arena. And so not knowing any better.

[00:01:21] We all, um, three out of the four of us in the car started trading with this other guy. So it wasn’t Dave. And, um, in two months I lost like $498 plus. And it, which, you know, I kept saying, well, it’s a learning experience. I’m paying for the knowledge. But the thing was, he wasn’t really teaching us anything.

[00:01:51] He was just, you know, giving us bad trades and, you know,

[00:01:57] Phil: yeah. So w we can say that you really weren’t successful in those two months. So, so what actually brought you, uh, how did you actually find a break in.

[00:02:05] Michelle: Well, I re I really liked the idea there’s options. So I started looking on YouTube to see what was I doing wrong, maybe, you know, I went to get more of an education and finding somebody else.

[00:02:18] And I came across Dave, uh, and I started trading with Dave, um, uh, just shy about 10 days ago. Um, yeah, 10 days ago. So it was a week ago on a week ago. Um, and in my first, um, six days of trading with them, I may $736.

[00:02:48] Phil: Hold up. You said, you said the first six days you made, you made how much you got to say that

[00:02:55] Michelle: I went from a negative 500.

[00:02:59] Some extraordinary fees that this other guy charged. I mean, it was just like through the roof kind of fees. Um, I went from a negative, almost 500 to. Earning. And that that 730, that actually includes $150 loss. That was a carry over from the other guy. So I would have made $900 in my first six days if I hadn’t had a loss.

[00:03:30] And I mean it totally night and day difference on the way things were done and presented. And. You know, it w it was just awesome. And then yesterday, uh, we got into a trade, um, late in the afternoon because you trade twice a day. You trade in the morning with them for an hour and a half, and then you trade me afternoon for an hour.

[00:03:59] Um, and in the afternoon we got into one trade and, you know, He explains why things are happening and, you know, when to get out things like that. And this morning we opened up that trade and I made $601 overnight.

[00:04:21] Phil: So you just, you just, I mean, I don’t know if my hearing is bad, but you said that you made $600 in one.

[00:04:30] Michelle: $601. Don’t just count it.

[00:04:33] Phil: Don’t forget the one. Yeah. Sorry. We always have to count the one. Well, congratulations.

[00:04:43] Michelle: Oh my

[00:04:43] Phil: gosh. So after that, after let’s say that your first major trade, what was your initial thought of breaking Charlotte’s and the actual process that what Dave does as compared to the other.

[00:04:56] Michelle: The first thing I did is I got the other two ladies who were in that car to quit guy, number one, and they signed up with so, um, we’re, we’re the old lady trading club in Las Vegas now.

[00:05:10] So

[00:05:15] Phil: I’m almost

[00:05:16] Michelle: 70 years old.

[00:05:20] You know, I’m amazed that I just made $600 in one day.

[00:05:24] Phil: Well, well, that’s something to definitely be proud of, especially with breaking Charlotte’s we love hearing, hearing these stories like this. And so let me ask you this, um, besides recommending BCA to your friends, what do you plan on the future, uh, with, with, with BCA?

[00:05:43] Michelle: Well, one thing that I’ve learned is just follow. He gives you such great. Path to follow and you really have to be understand and do that path. So, you know, don’t, don’t just jump in and try and reinvent it. He’s got it figured out and he’ll share. I mean, it’s, that’s the biggest difference between Dave and anybody else that I’ve looked at or talk to, or definitely guy number one, it is, he’s teaching you how to fish rather than just.

[00:06:19] Telling you that this is a fish, you know, I, you know, I understand more about options and how they were and things in the last 10 days than I did in two months. I know, you know, follow the plan. He’ll give you the plan, but you know, not only just, he gave me the plan, but he gives you the picks. I mean, it’s not like.

[00:06:48] Go do this and find it on your own. He’s doing bolts, which is just insane, you know, it’s great. It’s like, you know, your math teacher is not just giving you the problem. She’s working through the problem with you. You know, that’s what Dave is doing. It’s just. It’s remarkable.

[00:07:08] Phil: Yeah, I think that’s, that’s really, really good.

[00:07:11] Especially the, the trade alerts that we get on the phone. So you mentioned that he goes live in the morning and live in the afternoon for trading, but tell everybody a little bit about the actual trade alerts that you’re getting on your device.

[00:07:23] Michelle: Right. So, um, my capable day is I, um, traded with them in the morning, uh, and I traded in the afternoon, but during the day, if something.

[00:07:33] Different happens. I can attack Szilard, you know, not an email or not a text alert. That’s vague and says, go log in. It’s very specific. It’s like buy this or sell this, you know, we’ve hit our target numbers and it’s very specific text message that gives you, tells you exactly what to do. So. You know, I’m out at Walmart and from now on I’m shopping at Neiman’s, since I made $600 overnight.

[00:08:05] No, but if I’m at a Walmart, uh, you know, it’s, um, I can do it right there. You know, I mean, I have my, a brokerage account on my app and I just go in and I can take care of.

[00:08:19] Phil: Oh, that’s that’s fantastic. And before we wrap up, I wanted to ask you if someone who is actually interested in joining, um, breaking chart alerts and learning stock options trading, what do you have to say to those people who are wanting to learn,

[00:08:34] Michelle: um, sign up?

[00:08:37] Okay. Um, he’s got some amazing videos for training. Um, I’m going through them for, I think the third time now, but there’s a bunch of. So you plan on watching a video a day, but just, you know, get started. I mean, it’s not a, um, it’s the best group of people and the more supportive group that I could even imagine.

[00:09:05] So. Yeah,

[00:09:07] Phil: we love having you as a part of the BCA family. And we love hearing those stories and I’m going to post that picture you, so you definitely got to send me that, that picture of, uh, the, the trade that you made, where you made it,

[00:09:18] Michelle: I’ll send you, I’ll send you both. I’ll send ya the picture of my losses with the other person for two months.

[00:09:25] And I’ll say to you a picture of my, uh, 736 in six days. That’s that’s

[00:09:34] Phil: truly, that’s truly amazing. And I think that people who are going to be watching this video are going to be just as amazed as you are. If they sign up. And with that said, you guys can go to breaking Charlotte’s dot com. You can check out anything on the website.

[00:09:46] We have, our classes are live trading is there. We even are offering you guys a one week trial. It’s only $3. You can get all the features that we give our normal members. You can try it out. And then if you decide, you want to, you want to stick around, you can choose your plan from there. So I think that this is something that is going to be big is already big, honestly, and just, people’s just need to hear about it.

[00:10:06] So I appreciate your Michelle. Thank you so much for joining us and we will see you guys later. You guys take

[00:10:12] Michelle: care. Bye.