Weekly Results! 14 wins 3 losses with $5,880.00 profits locked in!

Weekly Results! 14 wins 3 losses with $5,880.00 profits locked in!

14 wins 3 losses this week on Day Trades



 $5,880.00 PROFIT locked in on SPY day trades this week! 








SPY official day trades went 14 Wins 3 losses this week so far



We had an OXY Swing trade called at the beginning of the week, but as soon as we placed the order

the stock rose and within a few minutes we had over 20+% gains so we locked in our profits!



Monday Aug. 29th Trades












Wednesday Aug. 31st Trades






Thursday Sept. 1st Trades 






Friday Sept. 2nd Trades





$5,880.00 profit on day trades


14 wins 3 losses


No Swing Trades made this week



82.35% accuracy this week


Locked in total profits of $5,880.00





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