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FAQs – Helping you trade stock options

How much money do I need to trade stock options?

You can open trading accounts with $500 or even less depending on what brokerage you choose. We have had members start with accounts this small and grow their trading accounts exponentially. We recommend starting your options trading career with only money you can afford to lose.


How much money should I use for each trade?

Proper position size is a personal decision.  Trade management will determine how much you risk in each position. Depending on your risk tolerance and your trading style. We teach our members our trade plan to determine entry and exit points. 


How do I use the options Greeks?

The Greeks (delta, rho, gamma, and theta) are a mathematical way to estimate a stock option move based on the stock price, the effect of decay, a change in interest rates and a change in price due to time. The Greeks are also useful when figuring out if pricing is good on a particular option

Question goes here?

Yes. We teach people how to trade options. From complete beginners to experienced traders we teach everything you will need to know to trade options.