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Past Performance


Learn to trade options correctly and you can achieve results like ours. People are afraid of options trading but once we teach you how to trade options with our trade plan, you’ll be confident and excited to trade with us live on video.

Close Date
% Gain
August 10SLV12/3123 Call125.98%
August 10SPY8/10332 Put-99.52%
August 7CLX8/7235 Call-70.42%
August 7MSFT8/7$212.50/215 Call Spread12.40%
August 6ZG8/2170 Call 22.92%
August 5GLD11/20185 Call39.50%
July 31TDOC7/31245/250 Call Spread-99.23%
July 31GOOGL7/311590/1600 Call Spread-92.86%
July 31AMZN7/313690/3700 Call Spread-98.91%
July 31CMCSA7/3143 Put-46.77%
July 31JPM7/31100 Call-98.57%
July 31UNH7/31315 Call-98.82%
July 30OSTK8/2145/50 Call Spread111.00%
July 30NVDA7/31420 Call14.29%
July 29HMHC8/212.50 Call10.00%
July 29JPM8/798 Call35.06%
July 28PTON7/3160/61 Call Spread51.72%
July 28MRNA7/3179 Call28.87%
July 27SPYJul-31322 PUT-50.00%
July 24AMDJul-31$65 Call66.67%
July 24AMZNJul-243070/3075 Call Spread-100.00%
July 24AMZNJul-243290/3300 Call Spread-97.00%
July 24FBJul-24242.40/245 Call Spread-93.55%
July 24SPYJul-24322 PUT47.86%
July 24DIAJul-24264 PUT-35.82%
July 24SPYJul-24321 Put34.92%
July 24SPYJul-24320 Put77.50%
July 23WMTDec-18$135 Call-20.79%
July 23MCDJul-24197.50/200 Call Spread47.06%
July 23SPYJul-24326 PUT35.34%
July 23SPYJul-24325 PUT81.82%
July 22AMDJul-24$60 Call42.46%
July 21UBERJul-24$34 Call13.79%
July 20GOLDDec-18$28 Call12.77%
July 17SMRT-Shares-27.08%
July 17VJul-17$200 Call-100.00%
July 17DOCUJul-17212.50/215 Call Spread-100.00%
July 17AAPLJul-17395/397.50 Call Spread-100.00%
July 17JNJJul-17152.50/155 Call Spread-100.00%
July 16AAPLJul-17$400 Call-88.20%
July 16MCDJul-17187.50/190 Call Spread72.73%
July 16MRNAJul-1774/75 Call Spread117.95%
July 13GOLDDec-18$27 Call4.48%
July 13UPSJul-17$120 Call-95.00%
July 13CLFJul-17$6 Call52.63%
July 13NFLXJul-17530/535 Call Spread32.02%
July 13AAPLJul-17$390 Call33.82%
July 10NFLXJul-17525 Call26.79%
July 10GNUSJul-103.50 Call-100.00%
July 10NVAXJul-10110/111 Call Spread-100.00%
July 9SNAPAug-2125 Call32.06%
July 9CSCOJul-17$46.0045.35%
July 9GOOGLJul-101510/151543.48%
July 9TLTJul-10166 Call28.85%
July 9MRNAJul-1060/61104.55%
July 8SPGJul-1775 Call-83.33%
July 8AMZNJul-172965/2970 Call Spread25.00%
July 8DISJul-17117 Call30.43%
July 8TWTRJul-1735 Call12.50%
July 8ABTJul-1094 Call-70.48%
July 8WMTJul-10$125.0077.97%
July 7AAPLJul-17375 Call42.63%
July 7DISJul-10112 Call-55.23%
July 6OSTKSep-18$30.0055.23%
July 6TDOCJul-17215 Call38.46%
July 2AMZNJul-173000 Call38.03%
July 2NVDAJul-2380 Call8.41%
July 1GEJul-177 Call23.08%
July 1FDXJul-10147/148295.83%
July 1UPSJul-10$115.00295.60%