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Refund / Return Policy

Return & Refund Policy

Thanks for subscribing to our service and agreeing on our terms and conditions at which is owned and operated by Santarelli Trading Exchange LLC.

Due to our services being offered online and on zoom as our educational platform, we are not allowed to give refunds due to our time given to individuals along with our classes, content, employees paid to help you along the way. 

This is why we offer a 7-Day Trial of our services per household. You can test our product and services and see if it fits you. To take advantage of our risk-free 14-day free trial, please click on the link below!

* NOTE* 

During your 7 Day trial, you will  be charged $3.00 and you are free to cancel at any time during your trial if you feel you are not ready or the service may not be for you! This is our way of making sure you are fully satisfied with your purchase after your trial. If your membership is not canceled within the 7-day trial, your account will then be charged on a monthly basis for the cost of our service. You can also cancel at any time with no contract! We have made it easier than ever to give our service a trial and for you to continue without pause if you decide not to cancel! 

Contact Us

If, for any reason, You are not completely satisfied with any good or service that we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will discuss any of the issues you are going through with our product.

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